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Ah, the burning river! For those of you who are not from Cleveland or those of you who are too young to remember, the sad truth is that our mighty Cuyahoga river actually did catch on fire 40 years ago. Not only did that burning river inspire Randy Newman to write a song called Burn On, which was used in the movie Major League it also became the fuel for the fire (no pun intended) of many a comedian's jokes. However, today the river is healthy and is no longer an embarrassment to Clevelanders. We're proud of the comeback that it's made.

Naming my shop the Burning River Boutique came to me when we were kicking around ideas after the first few names we landed on were taken. And now I'm glad those other names didn't work out, because it seems to me that for the life of a river, catching on fire has got to be the worst thing that could happen and I took inspiration from the river's comeback.

~Lora Mosier

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Tug Boat Georgia by Lora Mosier<br />
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Tug Boat Georgia by Lora Mosier


Reflections II by Lora Mosier<br />
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Reflections II by Lora Mosier


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